Perfection Is the Goal, Peace is What it Brings

Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is will be the End Product.
If I don't Start now, then when?
So temp around 102
Sick: yes
Sore/Fatigue/Aching: yes
vomiting: yes

Flu: YES

I feel very ick....I know incredibly eloquent right?
On the plus side I had a sort a binge day, but do to throwing up I weight a little less than what I weighed this morning, and now I am to nauseas to eat, or drink. So win/win except for my stomach is giving me fits. Suppose I deserve it. Considering the time, and that I still can't get my fever to break I am going to have to miss class...Hopefully she will let me make up the quiz.

I'm in sorta oh hum mood honestly. I have been disappointed with my caloric intake lately...So I think It will benefit me to spruce up the way I feel about my self with a fast...possibly through thanksgiving...wouldn't that be lovely.

Oh you terrible holiday. I am thankful for so many things yes, but the killing of thousands and thousands of indians not really one of them.

I hope you all are lovely.

with love,


  1. Hope you feel better soon & that photo is just gorgeous, I want those hip bones!

    Si xx

  2. i hope you're feeling better soon :) xo.

  3. Feel better soon, stay warm and drink plenty of water :( xx


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