Perfection Is the Goal, Peace is What it Brings

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello lovely...Head space cleared

So my absence yes long. Sorry about that I wasn't really gone though I was stalking you from a far. Creepy I guess. But in my absence I did some soul searching and found I want these things
1. To be happy with the way I look (skin and bones)
2. To live life to the fullest, enjoy it, take risks (this will require confidence which requires me to be skin and bones)
3. To be successful (I can devote so much more time to school when I can stop spending my time loathing myself, and working on drastic plans to get to skin and bones).
4. To Be HAPPY. (this will require me to look like I am skin and bones)

So I devised a plan starting at 12:00am I will fast until saturday. Where I will then implement my new diet I devised.
It may have been thought of before, but to me it is bran new and something I created.
So here is how it goes:
-You Eat Yourself thin. (weird but just hear me out)
1. You eat 6 meals a day.
2. The meals cannot contain more calories than you ultimate goal weight.
3. You must drink half your body weight in water. (Tea and coffee do not count)
4. Take your multivitamin, and fish oil, and b complex so your hair and complexion stay beautiful.
5. Exercise twice a day. (morning and night to speed up your metabolism)

So applying to my life this will mean:
my meals can be no bigger than 98 calories
and I will run in the morning and swim and the evening.

It feels so good to be back I missed you all a lot.
with love,
"Can't you feel it?"


  1. Welcome back and great plan!
    Hope it works well for you gorgeous :)

    Si xx

  2. Wow..thats a really..intense plan..i really hope it works for u!xx


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