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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello again...

So much to tell you so little time to do it. I spent way to much time looking at all your blogs and alas time got away from me and I have about 5 minutes to spit this all out.
I went on a binge rampage their for a while not even purging it properly.
Yesterday though I slept in till like noon completely ridiculous.
I did better.
I woke up got my arse to the gym worked out burnt 500 calories, sat in the sauna, and rushed off to class.
Then I got sick left class early walked the 1/2 mile home only to find that I left my keys in class.
Rather than walking back to class I walked the rest of the 3 miles to where T was and had him give me a ride back home.
Strange but I was thinking mostly of calories...I burt more that way.
Then of course got home and I had a mini binged and then I purged it all up.
I'm over estimating here, but I am going with 850 calories for the day.
Okay I have lots more to tell you about fashion. this new blog I found, this new youtube channel, and this new diet I think I'm going to try.
Saturday my mum is taking me shopping and I desperately want  will lose 10lbs by then. I just have to work my arse off and restrict like mad.

with love,


  1. You will lose it :) Keep going!!! Your doing well, everyone has a blip xx

  2. hey love! i just started following your blog and just completely restarted mine today. could you give me a shoutout so i can gain some followers? i really need the support. thanks love <3

  3. Wow your so dedicated. Its really inspirational how focused you are. Send some to me! Hope shopping goes/went well <3


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