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Monday, December 26, 2011

Well enough

Mom: "how are you feeling?"
Me: silence
Mom: "are you okay?"
Me: "i'm well enough"
Mom: "sometimes I wish we could tell that eating disorder just to f*€k off"
I laughed.

My mom knows obviously. She is such the eloquent speaker. She doesn't get it but after a couple years of once a month of family counseling she has excepted its not something I asked for...

Sorry I donT have a lot to say I'm usually more verbos with my dull life. Toady though I chose to wallow in how unhappy i am...

I have every blessing in the world every opportunity. But all I can do is dwell on my body. More specifically my unrelenting hatred for my body...

I want to be happy and healthy but I'm 19 and my aspirations havent changed since I was twelve I want bones, pure white bones...

With love,

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  1. I know how you does take over our lives...but you can talk to your mum about how you feel? I hope you feel stronger now, you deserve it beautiful xx


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