Perfection Is the Goal, Peace is What it Brings

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rainy day please come to stay

Intake: zero
intake yesterday: zero
out put:  sit ups push ups pilates, jumping jacks, (today and yesterday)
Goals do what I like because one day you will die and then thats it.
So be happy lovelies. Do what makes your beautiful faces smile!
For me that is taking up less space in this universe than i did the day before.

In  a piculuar mood to say in the least.
Here i'll paint the picture  for you:
sitting in starbucks, sipping some tea, smelling the sweet bitterness of espresso, listening to Regina Spector, contemplating the big scary world we live in, and gazing outside. Times goes so fast, people are always going, moving, trying to find where they belong. I don't think I belong any where maybe that is why I keep taking myself out of the daily races.
I like the thought of belonging nowhere, the place of nowhere is where I'll take residence with all of you by my side.

As I am typing this I am sitting across from living thinspo. She is beautiful, 5'5'' and maybe 103? So wonderful, so inspiring, just so...words can't explain...I want to be smaller but still no one can deny she is beautiful.

with love,

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  1. I always do that when I'm in Starbucks! I people watch, I love watching skinny girls to see what they're doing. I also love to look at the clothes that they wear!! Haha, hope you are well! Xx


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