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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm still alive (barely) Geez I have missed you guys!

Hello you beautiful wonderful truly amazing people. I only have a minute well less than that actually but geez. You won't believe all that has occurred in my life since February. Here it is in short. But don't worry I'll be back soon to most more.
-Was getting really carried away with a fast lost hmm about 13lbs. Wonderful
- same note I was getting really depressed. Still dealing with the loss of my Meme and feeling like I have no direction in life.
- overdosed on some pills: suicide attempt....yea stupid ell what were you thinking.
-my shrink put me under 72 hour observation. Super ya! not
-my parents with drew me from university for the semester. (thanks mum)
-sent me to a nutritionist (gave me a plan to gain!!!!) 
-now I'm back where I started (fml)
- but I have my computer back! so wonderful I had missed you wonderful apple product!!!
-Told my shrink to shove it up is Bottom!  
- Now I am being baby sat less and less each day, working for the pool, and oh ya my birthday was on the 31st of march and now I'm 20. (Crazy!)

So anyway. I loved you missed you if any of you want more info about my sudden disapperance sure I'll go there, but to be honest I'm just so glad to be FREE! I'm just moving forward to my next plan to lose this time with a little more intelligence! Geez Ell...Why were you so stupid!

Love you all sooooooooo MUCH!
with love,


  1. Jesus fuck, that's crazy. Lol, I went through the same thing six months ago. Fuckers looking out for us ey? Anyway, good luck with all of that - the stuff you are cool with and fuck the ones you aren't. Always here babe! Xo

  2. Oh wow, so much has happened! And what a loss!..
    I know you already realise how stupid you were for attempting such a thing but just know that we're all here for you beautiful, welcome back :)

    Si xx

  3. Wow you've really been through the ringer. Hope you are feeling better and know that we are all here for you.


  4. Ohh happy belated birthday!!!
    Christ, being watched sounds HORRIBLE
    And I'm sure you're going to use that weight gain guide from the nutritionist *rolls eyes* Yeah right!
    Hopefully life get's better and you can get through it dear!


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