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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tweedly tweedly dum!

Have you ever noticed moments in life when your happy? Every time this event happens it makes you happy what ever it is?
I think for me that event is looking at sleeping babies they are so innocent they truly love you for you. It is amazing.
Is it just selfish in my opinion to bring an innocent child into this messed up world? What if you are inadequate and inadvertently make them worse in some way?

Anyway intake wise I have been trying to restrict but I'm just like f it. I feel powerful, happy, and not sick when I'm fasting. So until I can eat something with out my stomach going into knots from the pain this is wear I am at. Exercise has been crap the last week. I do manual labor most of the up the pool , mowing the grass, painting the fence ect. I miss univesity so much...only 128 more days till classes begin!

Yes I am that much of a nerd, but I think school helps give my life meaning, or  at least purpose. Oh and a decent book I would recommend is Dairy of an Anorexic Girl by Morgan Menzie. I bought it and finished it all in the same evening. Quick read so you may  be interested.

Not much to say honestly, except thank you for the lovely comments! They mean a lot to me! Oh and hello to my new followers! Drop me a comment if I have yet to follow you back  because I want to return all the love you give me! 

with love,


  1. I like those happy moments in life :) I find its when its raining heavily, or there is a thunder storm :) AMAZING intake. You have so much control!!! You should definatly be happy with yourself :) xx

  2. YAY! This is amazing. I totally get what you mean. If I keep busy then I never ever feel the need to eat. It's amaze balls. Keep it up lady! Xo

  3. Your intake is amazing!

    Those little happy moments are so precious :)

    Have a nice day!

  4. Sounds like everything goes well - nice to hear it ;D
    Sun, friends and some situations have been making me happy for the last few days too, so I wish this mood will continue.

  5. 0 calories? you're so strong!

    I followed, support


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