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Friday, April 13, 2012

very lovely to see as well

Took a random road trip to see one of my closest friends an hour away. Decided this at 11:00pm. Smart ell, no sleep driving, keep it up
Anyway not sure what to do about life. Okay with food but that is my life, meticulously planning, analyzing foods that come my way...I ended my fast today may pick it up again, may just do liquids...I dunno. I love the way i feel living off of water, but I just have no energy to run. so ehh...not sure about what to do.

I think I will just go with what ever I feel tomorrow (well i guess it is tomorrow so today).
I hope you are all doing lovely. I'm sorry...I'm in a rut just trying to think about what everything means, trying to figure out how not to hate myself?
Any answers?
Would greatly be appreciated!
with love,


  1. Hey! You'll find the answers soon enough!! I know how you feel about feeling lost and stuff, been there! Hope you're okay lovely!! Xx

  2. Oh goodness. If I find the answer to that question before you, I will be sure to let you know!
    I'm the same with fasting. I love being empty but pushing through to do the exercise is tough! Take care of yourself! xx

  3. I wish i knew the answer! soon i hope we will not hate ourselves... xx

  4. As soon as I found out myself, I'll let you know.
    I think its an answer that we all desperately want.

    I hope you're okay :)


  5. Hard question - I'm too unstable to answear, because when I finally am happy or satisfied next moment I can reach breakdown... Same with food and fasting. So I hope that somebody knows how to love ourselves

  6. I love fasting on water too, although I think you should consider doing fruit and veggies juices instead of just water if you are going to do it long term. :) Xo

  7. how not to hate yourself?
    to look in the mirror each day and find something you like about yourself
    for instance i like my eyelashes today but tomorrow they may not be long enough but the thing that counts is noticing the positives even if its one just each day then u can say this may be a shit day coz someone is being a dick but at least i wont let them get to me and make me doubt myself...
    i think to accept yourself would mean loving the clothes underwear u wear how getting how u want ur hair dye cut etc and skin and nails there all something that can be easily suit you and rectified if you dont
    sorry i think im just babbling now but ive been thru self image therapy if u want to know techniques they use drop me a comment hun
    much love


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