Perfection Is the Goal, Peace is What it Brings

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Never been done before

I will look like this.
No one can stop me.
No one can take this away from me.
Hello beautiful people I have not forgotten you. No really I am just a bad blogger. Add it to my list of faults.

Anyway lets get to the stats first shall we
intake: 500 cals. Pathetic.
out put: 0. Even more Pathetic.

Today was great for a sunday! like I said I did something I have never done before blew off my homework for and there is a quiz tomorrow. It is litterally worth one one-hunderth of my grade. but still I can't believe I am doing this...It doesn't feel as liberating as I imagined it in my head. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to my grades we will see if this doesn't almost send me to grave with worry tonight.

In other news my shaking as started up again which is just complete bull. I have been incredibly healthy lately eating fruits and veg, puls taking my vitamins and minerals!

Oh well just apart of my life choices I suppose. I'm feeling pretty happy. My ocd tendencies are coming into full swing and I'm picking up the house like a mad hatter, but I like things clean. More people need that problem.

In other news I'm going to start volunteering at the animal shelter a couple days a week. I think it will be good for me to help someone or something beside myself. Plus less time to be around food! :)

Well I have an early morning swim I need to get rested up for. Good night my wonderful and beautiful people!

Remember: we CAN reach our goals! we CAN be happy the choice is up to us!
with love,


  1. Oh I am such a perfectionist too! I always try not to study but then I feel so guilty that I end up doing in anyway! Plus, I have to keep my room tidy all the time, so no need for you to feel bad!
    Yes, we can all do anything, and I believe you can too.

    Best wishes,

  2. yayy someone else swims on here! & really 500 cals is like my goal intake everyday! Animal shelter sounds AWESOME, i think it will be great! just thinking about all the doggies and kitties get me super hyped lol. Stay strong<3

  3. 500cals is not pathetic!
    The choice is up to us though, we have to make ourselves happy :)

    Si xx

  4. I'm a perfectionist too. I fret over the littlest things all the time. I hope your quiz goes well.

    Thank you for your wonderful comment.


  5. the animal shelter will be super fun! I volunteer twice a week at a community center helping kids from disadvantaged homes with homework and stuff. I love it! :-) yay for volunteering!
    hope the school thing went ok! I get super anxious and stressed when things aren't going just right at school... but sometimes we need a little break right?
    500 is still a great intake! be happy!

  6. The animal shelter sounds amazing :D Id love to do that! I'm a perfectionist too, it sucks doesn't it :( And i agree with a friend of ana, 500cals is good!! Nothing to complain about :) Your doing fine :) Believe in yourself <3

  7. lol i wish i could say i blew my homework off only once!

  8. hey! I noticed you started following my old blog, Thanks! I have a new one though and don't post on the old one anymore so check it out and follow it you like! :)

  9. 500 cals is great, that's what I aim for.. :0
    Anyways nice blog.
    I like the idea that happiness is a choice :)
    Check out my blog ?
    Alice xx


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