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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tears not of Joy.

I suppose I should get over it. I binged making my intake around 1200 cals...I only worked of 600 cals. I'm afraid I'll gain. I'm afraid I'll never be happy. I want to be happy. Reaching my goals will make me happy. I can't keep living like this... that stupid adderall is saying take me. So alice and wonderland. I'm so tired of this bullshit...I should just flush that stupid adderall...I have thought that so many times but. I haven't...It scares me a little... F it I'm so sick of this. I didn't stick to the plan I know I'm not going to blown up over night. I just I'm so afraid. I so upset. Just...I hate it...


So to help me stop crying...Some thinspo

no flow thinspo. yea another flaw...I don't know. I feel scared.


  1. I know how that feels:( we all slip, and w/ the workout ur intakes about 600 which is waaaayyy under the calorie requirement, ull be fine dear<3 even if u gain weight it will prolly just be food weight. u cant trust it! So seriously dont stress, u WILL be happy, *hugs* and tomorrow is a new day to start all over. Its hard but I know u can do it! Stay strong<3

  2. We all slip up, your not alone, i promise you that, I think you will be fine if you've worked off 600 cals, because you'll be way under the recommended intake :)You will be happy one day, just keep holding on <3

  3. At least you burn some off, I'm lazy and do fuck all. Tomorrow is a new day, stay strong xo


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