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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello again.

I feel like I haven't been on here in forever! My beautiful friends how are you?
I'm sorry I have been gone this depression weird disorganized version tried to take over my life, but the clean perfectionist still slightly/mildly derpessed reared it's heels and won out. So now the me I know and can be comfortable with is back.

No I do not have a personality disorder.

I just sometimes find my self battling  this other me. Which oddly enough comes around once I have been bingeing and purging. Stereotypical I know! Restricting is just so much more makes my stomach hurt badly which is why I can't understand as to why I crave it so much...

Anyway my semester is off to a better start. I had to drop calc because of schedule conflicts, so now I'm in Brit lit, American lit, and Western Civ. I am way a head of where I should be so I am taking a little time to relax this semester with less hours.

Although I'm not relaxing I getting my ass in shape.

Swim Suit season is almost here, and I manage a pool I want to look gorgeous no, THIN.

I have a lot to post about later, but for now I will just post my intake because I'm off to work!

B:  tea
     V8 fusion light- 50
L:  V8 low sodium: 75 cals
D: probably popcorn?  (120)

not sure.

with love


  1. I'm glad your back, have missed you <3 I know what it's like battling with yourself..its hard and horrible xx

  2. Looks like a good intake :) Glad you're back, beautiful! xoxo

  3. missed u!!! and yes swimsuit season!!! Must get thin!!! Keep it up w/ the intake gorgeous<3

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better now.
    The blazer I got was from a store called Cotton On. I think it's only in Australia but I suppose you could look it up online if you wanted.



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