Perfection Is the Goal, Peace is What it Brings

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 really stresses me out. I binged and I mean binged like I have not binged in a long was probably 3000 calories. So I purged goes without saying... I feel like a balloon. Plus side it's rainy out side I am seriously procrastinating...

Not a lot to say other than thanks for the support on the last post! Oh and I have decided that being home is lends to binging and binging leads to suicidal thought self hatred etc.



  1. I second that. Staying home is evil.
    Hope you're okay.

  2. I third that! Home is evil. Stay strong beautiful xx

  3. aww sorry *hugs*...i dont rly know if theres anything i can say but we're here for you, and everyday is a new day to start over so tomorrow wake up and just begin again:) i know staying at home is hard for me too:( but u could still do some exercise, pilates...just tell yourself to do like 5 min and before u know it u would have done 30 min or more! its all about getting started:) and u rly feel so much better afterwards:) just find something to destress and calm you down, maybe watch a movie even:) lots of love & stay strong<3

  4. I'm always depressed when I go home, so I know how you feel. Try to stay positive, dear. Stay strong xoxo


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