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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Going back to treatment as an failing alumni....

It's 9:30am here and oh my goodness I am so sore. I lifted yesterday and I can honestly say my arms might very well fall off. I benched 90 which is ironic because that was I weighed the first time I sought treatment. I miss that so much.

In other news I had lost 2lbs yesterday at bed time from the weight I woke up at which is always a wonderful feeling!

Today is cardio one of my favorite days, because I know it will help work the soreness out. Food wise I'm not a hundred percent what I'm doing I just know it will be involving coffee!

Oh and yesterday one of my friends from treatment called and she wants to go back for an alumni meeting which on one hand I want to go and say hi to everyone, and go explore a couple of big towns on the way, get some adventuring in with one of my closes friends. The other I don't want to risk being told its time to go back into treatment...

I'll probably go just hate the possible risk, and disappointing my team.

with love,

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