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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Losing again...

Today has been productive and finally I feel like I am on my way to getting things the way they need to be. Finished a paper, deep cleaned my whole apartment, we are talking bleached the grout, scrubbed the trim deep feels and looks so much better!

Now only to read 6 chapters by Friday...I hate when I procrastinate. But it must be done

In food news yesterday was terrible, I actually consumed my treatment like meal plan, but it felt so wrong and terrible like everything in my body was saying no you can't do this to me. So I took some laxatives and purged what I could and will make up for it in exercise during my 3 hour break from classes today.  

I did end up losing 2lbs which was really nice, but still feel that gross food feeling.

Two things I'm wondering if anyone is even interested in, I was thinking about posting a pic of vmy weight/progress pic at on march1st, and also possibly doing some YouTube videos... I have been watching a lot of Lilly Lucy's videos and granted she has a fantastic accent which only makes it that much more amazing her videos are great!  so if anyone thinks either of those might be of interest or help please let me know?

Also the videos would probably be mostly about my workouts, food diary, treatment, daily life stuff etc.  or anything else anyone wanted.

Okay back to being productive. Does anyone else think that living off of coffee is easier than living off seems so much more filling sometimes.

With love,

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