Perfection Is the Goal, Peace is What it Brings

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I'm spinning. I purged. I had to after a binge what choice am I left with my goal although it may be less or more for right now is 90 by may. I can do it if I just try I have before and then I can actually feel like I have found some level of success. I just have to find the want. And this key is moderation, eating enough so I can go to the gym twice a day eating enough so I can sleep. I need to do this and I will do this if I just do it moderately. I'm spinning so much in my head right now I can hardly think. Purging is not a life I want anymore. Restricting is so much easier if I just moderate and ease back into it. Not that I'm sure if anyone cares at this point, my family is at a loss and honestly do am I. I feel very much alone.

with love,


  1. I'm sorry I can't offer much advice.. But I'm keeping you in my mind and wishing you the best. Xxx

  2. Try to be balanced. Use food to fuel you, in your studies and working out.


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