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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Progress is progress!

So today I am down 1lb! I'll take it ;)
Before I get any further: 
What are your opinions on salt and sodium? specifically pertaining to weight loss? (if you have an opinion just leave a comment thanks) 

In other new my nutrition test went really well he tries to be so tricky on the wording using three similar answers and differentiating only one i'm not going to make predictions on the grade yet, but I felt good about it.
This may be due to I'm about to get in a long soaking bubble bath after burning 523 calories during my work out and blogging while sipping on some hot tea, but it's probably a combination.
I'm just sorta relaxed and consciously aware of everything right now. I worked out hard burt 410 cals, then sat in the sauna to stretch out, and went for a little run/jog which felt really good, even though it was short and only burt 123 cals.
My intake: was
1/4 latte: 26 cals
protein shake: 100 cals
apple 65 cals
lara bar: 200

I'm in the negative for now and to prevent a binge I made my self drink 60oz of water, take a bubble bath, blog, and drink hot tea before I can even think about food. I'm guessing dinner will be about 200 cals...
I can't wait till midterms are over and I can do a proper blog and really get to know everyone, and you me. So i'm not just some stranger that posts intake/output, and stats all the time!
Coffee: Because I live on it! 
Are her arms not incredible?! 
I love you all one more midterm this week! Stay strong my incredible friends!

with love,

comment responses:
Charlie: thanks for the encouragement! I really needed those kind words they made my night increasingly better! And agreed stress makes me want to put on my go fasters (shoes) and RUN!!!

Sienna-rose: That was exactly what I need to do once I relaxed a little it was so much easier to prioritize! Deep breathing definitely was a need recommendation!  

Depressed-skinny-mess: you were right I spent more time on doing things that make me happy such as working out and drinking tea. I'm much more prepared to study for this next midterm!


  1. Goodness, you are doing so well! Be proud of yourself :) And i'm sure you will do fine on your exam. Bubble bath and a hot drink and blogging sound a good night in to me! And yes!! That girls arms ARE incredible! xx

  2. Ok, I'll be stomach was grumbling really loud and I was thinking of having WingStop (chicken wings). And then I read your post. Not only did you lose weight but you also had a good/healthy day?! Thanks for stopping me from binging on chicken!

    Oh, about the salt...did you mean as a laxative? If yes, I was going to do a salt water flush this weekend. If you meant in food in general, then I don't think it's a good idea. For me personally, salty foods make my mouth water and my stomach hungrier. I tend to eat more and more if it's saltier.


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