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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

well down 3bls...but aching all over (warning rant)

So I am down 3 lbs. I will post my stats in two weeks, mainly because I want to do some before and after stuff and give my blog a make over and I don't want to have to erase it all and do it again. So wow I have had a crazy week.

4 quizes
1 nutrion test
1 midterm
next week
 I have another project due
A paper
10 discussion posts due
1 anatomy midterm
1 speech and lang midterm

Now you may understand why I have been missing in action. I am stressed to the max i upped my cals to 800 thinking that would help me concentrate and so far no improvement. I am stressed to the point of tears, convolsive crying, and or flinging my self off the steps (not exactly a big jump, but i'm just plane desperate). I hate, hate, hate hate my body, my looks. I hate being so over whelmed I don't go to the gym or work out. I hate my inability to focus and concentrate. I hate that I procrastinate (like I am doing now).

I love you all, be back whenever I can. Oh btw I have been reading all of my followers blogs, a couple of them from their first post to their most current (procrastinating). If you want me to follow your blog just leave me comment and I would be happy to :)
how I feel: except huge
with love,
~ Ell


  1. Ell! Wow...just read through your blog and it seems like you're keeping up with your goals (on the most part). If only all of us had some part of your will control!

    Urgh...stress. Just the word itself makes me stressed. It makes us eat more, hate more, and do less. I'm trying to take control of what's stressing me out so that I don't have that in my life anymore.

  2. Hang in there girl, you'll get through this and be just fine.
    Remember to breathe, this sounds stupid I know.
    I feel like you are all the time though, over-whelmed like you're carrying all this (emotional, stressful) weight on you.
    Take a big deep breath and take everything on bit by bit. Otherwise you will see it all as one giant enormous thing that you will never get through.
    Sorry to ramble!

    Si xx

  3. Take it slow! There's no rush :) You need to try and take some time out for yourself or your going to get into a pickle :( xx

  4. I love reading your blog. I just started, and you seem amazing! You can follow me back if you'd like [;


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