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Monday, October 3, 2011

Life or what ever this is...

I'm transfering universities...they have a better premed program and I just want to succeed...I want to be a work in a nicu, with premies...I want to travel and do doctor's with out borders yes this does mean I will spend the majority of my 20's in med school. But it is worth it to me...I'm just nervous! The switch will probably put me a year behind, but I can't say I will regret it. I'm 19 knowledge at this point is always worth it. I just have to be confident and believe this is what's best for me...I will succeed!

To sienna rose: as you can see i'm sorta stress ball at times so my plan varies, some days but is very strict others.
On the strict days it is: I just try to keep it around 600 and depending on the work out somedays under 1,000
Breakfast: 1 protien shake
1/2 cup rice
bell pepper
4 oz of chicken or salmon
huge amount of veg
berries and apples

Lap swim at 5:45
after class long run: 3-6 miles (will be more sooner)
speed work: 15 min (alternate this with abs or yoga)

So this is my general schedule. Somedays I demand more of my self than others, and my studies always demand a lot from me any way!

I love you all!!!!!!!!
I will post again soon!
with love,


  1. good luck with the transfer :) xo.

  2. It all sounds very stressful! Good luck with the transfer though :) I shall be following you now! x

  3. Hi, thanks for following me , I love your blog!



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