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Monday, September 17, 2012

A Lovely day

I have literally had nothing to say but the internship and groups which is why I haven't been posting very much, so I'll try to be quick and not bore any of you truly wonderful people.

So this thought has been rummaging around in my head for a little while, and has left me with this feeling of well...confusion of sorts. I will try to clarify. First beginning with the origin of this thought. I was in church, and our pastor was talking about debt, and being slave to the lender. Which is great message especially if you live in the united states. I mean our debt alone is astonishing can anyone even picture a trillion dollars?

But I digress.

He then continued to talk about how being in debt is like being in bondage, and that we as a nation have taken

something that should

serve us,

and are now serving it.

Simply by having to constantly obsess over money, and credit card debt etc.

The point:
Food should serve us by providing glucose, protein, vitamins,and minerals!
But somewhere along the way we started serving it?
We become slaves to something that should do nothing except provide energy. Instead though we constantly agonize over it, stressing and obsessing over every morsel we could possibly put into our bodies, which is exhausting!!!!
Now the questions are why and how to change it?

Anyway hopefully I did not bore you. I love you all dearly!

Gosh I just love how she does this with her hair if any of you know how her gets the lose puffy look while still in a bun please tell!?!?


  1. That comparison is perfect.
    I keep trying to remind myself that food is just energy. But I think that maybe I will forever see it as calories, which are little monsters that make you fat.


  2. You know. This whole debt thing that the US has got itself into is actually a really astonishing thing since they have to create more debt to cover the current debt. Its self defeating. I see hyperinflation coming along honestly and a total economic collapse of the economy, since half the world have bonds from the federal reserve bank. And now, you have me digressing. Your point about us starting to serve food, I guess its the same disctintion between living to eat and eating to live. I mean what we do is in no way eating to live, because our lives are so consumed with food that we really are living to eat... or not-eat. But also the hardest part of any eating disorder whether its overeating leading to obesity or undereating the way we do it, unlike alcohol you can't just cut it out of your life so you're faced with your addiction everyday. I mean, if that isn't a recipe for disaster... Funny though. Human beings will turn anything into a drug. Xo


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