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Saturday, September 1, 2012


I binged.

I cut.

I bled.

No body cares...good to know some things don't change. Consistency.

First conversation with T via phone in a while:
T: why do you act so weird?
Me: I don't this is just me. I'm goofy and not normal sometimes.
T: why can't you just be the old you?
Me: I guess I'm just more comfortable around you now.
T: get less comfortable then.

Ha life good to know I can still count on being constantly disappointed and a disappointment.

Welcome to my hell where nobody cares.

Should of cut deeper.



  1. I binged and cut too... today was a low day for me and I tried to convince myself I was allowed to do it. It's hard to find an inbetween. But don't give up, put on a brave face and fake it til you make it (:

  2. It's funny how people think that saying 'can't you just be the old you' is actually an okay thing to say. It's so hurtful. Being damaged is not acceptable. fuck sakes. :( Hurts. Xo

  3. i care :) and i agree with the above comment, words like that hurt so much sometimes, i really wish people would just realise that...stay strong though, xo.

  4. That was so rude of T to whatthefuck. They should like you for you. We all care and are here for you!



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